Monday, August 1, 2011

House Projects

In honor of accountability and this post (that I am delivering on as we speak), I thought that I would list some home projects that might be happening. Maybe they will get done??We have been thinking about changing our roof line in the back to cut out that little dip in the center. It would allow us to turn our attic space into living space (it's above the room on the left) and there are some roof leaking concerns that haven't happened yet. Also, B's room (the one with the air conditioner) is right next to the attic and is the hottest room in the summer and coldest in the winter. We need to get quotes and really weigh this. It could turn into a master suite, studio, walk-in closet space.
We need to do something with both of our fireplaces. The one above isn't really useable because the chimney is sorta sketchy.
We did put the insert into this one so we would want to keep it and do something with the surround.
Still have to do the steps and railing in the back. I would like it to match the front porches which will also need to be redone. All the doors need screen doors and the front doors also need to be painted. I'm thinking black, but is that too conservative for me.
The entrance we use the most but considered the side door.
Front door blah. We need some general curb appeal updates. Any suggestions would be helpful on any of these ideas. I know that things need to change. I just haven't been struck with anything brilliant yet...


Abby said...

I think black is too blah for you. Why not a bright blue or something like that? Go wild! :) Attic expansion sounds like a really good project as well. Use the space your got to its full extent.
Figure what is going on with the sketchy chimney first. Let's make sure it's not going to burn the house down before you make it all pretty. Love ya.

smillis said...

Or a bright red or orange. I think any color really with the yellow. I might still do the sidelights in black. We have black shutters, IDK. So many ideas! Thanks for the advice cousin! Wish you lived closer so we could talk about this in person!

kim. said...

i was going to ask if you had black shutters. i think that you need some black near the door then. that being said our shutters are black and we painted the front door dark and light blue (leftover kitchen paint) so don't listen to me!! (or maybe i'm just to lazy to paint the shutters...) i wanted to paint ours a burnt orange, but i didn't think it would look good with the orange brick we have in front - so go orange, it'll make me smile when i visit you twice a year. i'm all for the roof expansion. you need more usable space up there.

smillis said...

Kim, black on the sidelights you go for and an orange door? Do you think it will be weird with the white aluminum surrounding the windows? So then there is black, white, orange, and yellow on the front. Is your front door two colors? Thanks for the advice, now if only you lived closer to help me elbow grease it ; )