Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Miscellaneous

In place of the Christmas card I haven't gotten around to sending, I thought I would do a good job updating the blog. Here are some pics of recent happenings. Please forgive me for not sending a card with our John Hancock's. Christmas came early for Buddy. He got a new table and chairs and a kitchen! Unfortunately the kitchen is not keeping him out of mine. He still likes to "help" me cook and now my pots and pans end up in his kitchen when I'm not looking.
These are my two baby deer from this post. We think they might be bucks.

Here is B checking on all of his friends.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone. Love and Hugs, S, J, B and G

A Firehouse Christmas

We went to the annual GFD christmas party with B this year. I remember my Brother and I going when we were little. I don't remember my dad letting us drive the truck though... Oh yeah, here we go Buster!

Doing crafts. This was the only time he sat. Otherwise he was running in circles (and I swear there was no chocolate involved!)

Here comes Santa! I think Grandpa is more excited.

Winter's HERE!

Here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago when we got majorly dumped on. I'm getting snow tires and fancy new rims for part of my Christmas present this year. My tires skid around when it looks overcast outside! p.s. notice J shoveling before he pulled in his truck. Makes me think his truck is not manly enough to handle it...