Thursday, December 18, 2008

O, Tannenbaum

Merry Christmas everyone! This year's tree trek was so much nicer than the last few. In Utah, we had to drive to Idaho to get a tree permit ($5). Then drive back a separate day to get a tree. Ok, we only lived 30 minutes from the border but where we got the tree took an eternity on a bumpy road. Jeffrey loved it because it comfirmed to him how great it is to have a truck! We would park on BLM property and hike for days to find the perfect tree (according to the expert Jeffrey). All the while keeping Ginger within sight. We all know how well she listens when she is on the hunt (not at all!) This year we found the tree within 10 minutes at a cut your own farm 20 minutes from our house. I even got breakfast out of the deal!