Monday, January 18, 2010

Miscellaneous January...

Climbing on everything! There is some discussion over whether or not he is walking. I say not yet. Everyone else says he has taken steps so he is. What's the official def.? Auntie Lin has to get back to us on that. She is going to check her Pediatric book...

Having fun with Mr. T

I am still shocked when I see him sleeping so peacefully in his bed. He didn't move when I took these pic. When I check on him at night he sometimes sits right up wide awake!

Who are you looking at?

Happy 30th J!

Orange Curd cake! Yumm
Jeffrey had this surprise when he went in to work today. A coworker and I did it Friday. I sorta told a little white lie about needing to get out of the house for alone time. Well that wasn't the lie part only that I went to a coffee shop. I learned that tape doesn't stick to fuzzy walls. All the streamers were beautifully cascading down Friday and on the floor today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

11 months! Eek!

Benji's teeth are a little longer. His hair is a little shorter (I did a bang-up job!). His favorite words are Da-Da, Di-Da (Ginger), and a little airy Hi. He gave a few today to our cashier at Wegman's. Dare I say it was my proudest moment? This is not his good side! It looks a little middle-ages.
Expensive tastes Benji. I'm not only talking about the coffee but the $10 board book. We're all in the wrong market if we are not manufacturing board books!

Oh, and have I mentioned the ear piercing screeches and screaming? Geesh, what are the neighbors thinking?