Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Signs of Pregnancy

Besides my already exsisting pooch getting a little bigger, my nails are showing signs of pregnancy too. I can't believe how nice they are. I should get a manicure but then the worry wart in me says, "Oh Sarie what about the chemicals and what if they don't sanitize properly?" So I just admire...

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day at School!

Here is Jen, Alice (the baby) and I with our favorite professor Patrice! We got to meet in the studio and it smelled and looked the same. Here are Jen and Alice at the new Science building. Jen and I both were sad that it sorta took over the green.

This is one of my favorite views on campus. I got to have this scene my entire Sophmore year and it was an amazing view with the sunsets. Jeffrey and I would go and sit beyond the parking lot and just watch. It was very peaceful. I was so glad that Jen invited me to go with her, Alice and Susanne (her mom). I had a blast!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Move to My Town!

Look how great it is around here (Ken)! Check out all the manly things you can do in my town (Ken)...

You can steal river rocks four at a time for months on end and you could end up with a sweet patio like mine. If you move to my town I will tell you where all the hotspots are. Jeffrey is halfway done. You can build tons of fires in my town. Notice two firepits in the picture. There is also another in the woods for huge fires. You can be manly and drink beer while stoking it.
You can become a part time lumberjack and stack your wood so it makes a natural fence. You can stand and admire it with a manly beer in your hands.
In my town, you can build your own bridges and set up an archery target right in your own backyard. How manly is that?
Did I mention tons of biking trails, skiing, a kegger festival twice a year, and so many more manly things in my town! p.s. These are Jeffrey's activities described to a "T".