Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back on the horse...

Some things I need to be accountable for. I have decided to give myself two years to run a half marathon. I was halfway there in 2008 and I feel regret for not completing that goal (I had a good excuse people!) Anyways, my lovely friend and B's Godmother has suggested a little race in September. We'll see! If anyone would like to join me please be my guest! An update on my little space where I made the above gift. Hey, I can make this work even though my soldering stuff is in the basement. At first it made me frustrated but now I think it will be better down there. Buddy is already into all of my beads and tools (he says, "momma's hammer"). So with more accountability I will tell you that my friend and I are going into business together and we will be releasing our super ideas into the world spring of 2011.

On a side note. We made a little trip to the buffalo zoo a couple of weekends ago. Here he is waiting for the seals to make an appearance.

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kim. said...

i'm holding you too it smillis. i'm very excited for to see your jewelers nook...i wish there was a bench for me!