Monday, August 2, 2010

July Pics

Benji will be 18 months on the 4th. I can't believe it! Since his first birthday he has turned into a little boy with a lot of opinions, hobbies, and words. He loves to help me and this morning I mentioned we needed to vacuum today and he busted out his little vacuum and got a head start for me. He loves all vehicles and tells me if a car or motorcycle just went by. He likes to read and play the kazoo (he can make a kazoo out of anything, I won't tell you what he found in the bottom drawer in the bathroom that turned into a kazoo on Sunday...). He is a sweet boy with lots of kisses for everyone!

(Apres Haircut)

Our two baby fawns we love to watch!


kim. said...

he's soooo big! we can't wait to see him (and you&j) next week!

Lizzardo said...

I love the hair. As I type Grace is playing the recorder. Maybe one day they can make some music together;)