Monday, August 30, 2010

August Pics

So this month Jeffrey and I both had a weekend of fun while the other stayed with Buddy. YEA!!We did some fun stuff together, too. Here are some pics to recap our month.

J went to Nascar with "the boys."

While I was away, some milked got spilled and a tornado ran through the house.

At the flush mount setting workshop in Boston. I went with a good friend and we had a blast!
At Knox with the kids on a gorgeous August day (too many to keep track of)

At the Erie County fair we made some new friends.

Re-arranging and de-cluttering (my studio space will be revealed in this spot soon!)

Benji became obsessed with a little red dude this month.

I'm thinking about paint colors and uninspired by all of these! Too neutral for me!

A new "cousin" named Ivy. We met her at B's Great-Grandma's 90th!

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