Monday, April 20, 2009


I forgot to mention Benji's stats from his check-up a couple of weeks ago. He is up to 9 lbs. 8oz ( hopefully more now!) and 22 inches long. His head grew 2 more inches around also. He is definitely built like his dad. Jeffrey would want me to say strong and wiry. He is at least getting alot of wear from his newborn size clothes. My mom got him some summer clothes in the 9 month size. We decided she should exchange them for 3-6 month sizes. My brother and I were almost that weight when we were born so this is new to her!


kim. said...

nothing wrong with being little...little and feisty!!!

Melissa said...

Tiny but tough I am sure :) Watch him hit a growth spurt now that you've put it out there! xoxo