Monday, October 15, 2012

September, August, July, and June

Where did the summer go??  B started school this September and could not be happier to go everyday.   I have been making the most of my alone time and cramming in as much as I can each day.  It's great!
 Chillin' w/ gramps.
 J started a massive project, re-doing the shingles,  that took him about 4 weeks (not including the prep and clean-up).  Here is the worst of the mess...  I compensated by keeping the house uber-clean because I couldn't stand looking out the window seeing this.  At least that project is over.

 We went to our favorite places in Maine.  B still talks about the lobster he ate and asks when we can go back.
 Lot's of yard work!

 An awesome train ride.
My cheering squad at a 10k.

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Abby said...

So cute. Love all the pictures, especially Johnny's tan lines. :)