Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dig In

This is dated 4/3, and must have been started a little sooner than that. Jeffrey and Benji have been digging hard. J through sun, rain, and a pretty bad cold. Benji said to me one day, "Daddy works harder than a dumptruck in the dirt and the rocks." Couldn't have said it better myself!
He also tells his that the "patio looks great, and it looks awesome."

On the rainy days the supervisor had to relocate to inside.

Here is the final product without the furniture that J is staining and sealing.

This picture does not do justice to the gardens. I went away to work for the weekend and J and his mom had it all put in. It looks amazing! Those chairs are B sized and he picked out bright red spray paint for them.

So the stairs will be refaced and the wrought iron and door will be replaced. J has been given free reign to do what he pleases. We'll see how this story ends up.

Here is a garden that myself and a neighbor put in last night (into the dark of 9:30). Its along our driveway. I'm just trying to tame and clean up some of the wild that I have to look at everyday! Maybe I'll post a patio picture of us sipping something soon...


Abby said...

Very nice! Does Jeffrey want to visit Virginia next summer and build us a patio? :)
Benji is beyond adorable. He knows good design and hard work when he sees it. Too cute.

smillis said...

If the beer and food is flowing, he's in! ;) Thanks Ab!