Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Luck, Mates!

For Benji and I, our first friends in Buffalo were Natasha and Tyler (Nick and eventually Blake). Actually, I was pregnant with Benji when we met. I remember long walks at Knox and hanging out drinking tea. Well, I am sad to say they have left us for a warmer climate in Australia! We miss you guys!
Benji and I got to spend some time with Tyler while his parents packed up the house!
We had a going away dinner that lasted way past T's bedtime. Benji was just getting revved up at 10:30! We have a whole series of pictures with B climbing on T and a video where he screams "Wake up, Ty!" T is an amazing sleeper. I'm super jealous.

Blake (who turns one tomorrow!) had his first taste of cake. I think he liked it. He ate while we got in a few games of foosball.

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