Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back on the horse...

Some things I need to be accountable for. I have decided to give myself two years to run a half marathon. I was halfway there in 2008 and I feel regret for not completing that goal (I had a good excuse people!) Anyways, my lovely friend and B's Godmother has suggested a little race in September. We'll see! If anyone would like to join me please be my guest! An update on my little space where I made the above gift. Hey, I can make this work even though my soldering stuff is in the basement. At first it made me frustrated but now I think it will be better down there. Buddy is already into all of my beads and tools (he says, "momma's hammer"). So with more accountability I will tell you that my friend and I are going into business together and we will be releasing our super ideas into the world spring of 2011.

On a side note. We made a little trip to the buffalo zoo a couple of weekends ago. Here he is waiting for the seals to make an appearance.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Deer Story

View from his tree stand

We are very proud of our hunter. This year he got us three deer. Two with his bow and one with his shot gun. This majestic animal above is "a once in a lifetime" deer as J puts it. We are thankful to have this animals meat, as well as the others, to nourish us this year. Here is an article you can read about the hunt. (The article lists him as 28. J is actually 30 going on 31 in a month and a half!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


B is sitting on my lap "helping" me. This is the best I can do for this post!