Friday, May 7, 2010

A New Tree

B got a tree certificate from his K grandparents and we went and spent it on a little pea tree. We also were able to get some perennials as well. I think our front garden is pretty much finished with the addition of bulbs at some point.

A side note: I found a depression-era chocolate cake recipe that doesn't contain eggs and made cupcakes over a week ago. Benji hopped right in to them! He has reminded us for the last couple of days that he likes them and asks for a cupcake (co-co) when we are playing, changing him, and sitting down for a meal. I caved in today and made him another batch. He was so happy to eat it and couldn't stop saying co-co.
My days are also spent with him holding up his shoes and saying shoe. He knows they are the key to outside. How can we not when he so cutely asks?

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kim. said...

i'm excited that you found cupcakes for him and i totally would spend every waking minute going out and back in...just so he could ask again! xoxo