Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday Party

Me taking the only picture above. Below, is the picture! Lucky for us our friend, Chris, brought his camera and took some pics.

Benji's first birthday theme started out as a "Winter Onederland" party (as seen on Everyday Celebrating) but turned into more of a "Lumberjack Luncheon" with the addition of plaid fabric. Which I found in his theme colors- brown, turquoise, red, and cream. We had a lovely lunch with white bean chili and toppings; pita pizzas (for the kids);a salad bar with bacon, hardboiled eggs, tomatoes and cucumber; appetizers; a hot chocolate drink bar; and lovely cupcakes with fondantglittered snowflakes standing on the top.

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kim. said...

looks like a great party! i love the banner!