Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 30th J!

Orange Curd cake! Yumm
Jeffrey had this surprise when he went in to work today. A coworker and I did it Friday. I sorta told a little white lie about needing to get out of the house for alone time. Well that wasn't the lie part only that I went to a coffee shop. I learned that tape doesn't stick to fuzzy walls. All the streamers were beautifully cascading down Friday and on the floor today.


kim. said...

jeff is a LUCKY OLD man!!

kev. said...

cake looks delicious!! I'm jealous. Benji looks so cute with jeff.

Abby said...

Happy birthday, Jeffrey. Welcome to the 30 and over club.

Anonymous said...

Jeff you old coot! Can't believe your 30 - you definitely don't act it! Happy Bday anyway!