Monday, March 17, 2008


We had such an awesome time. I can't believe I actually went. I am such a homebody and germ freak so this pushed my limits but I think I handled everything well. We ziplined (oh my gosh I can't believe it!), ate really great food (locro de papa, llapingachos, ceviche,habas etc.). Some of us went to the equator while others went horseback riding. On a side note our flight was a disaster (some would say the disaster started when brother's power steering broke on the way to Lin's) and we didn't get to Quito until Tuesday at 2 AM. Sunday at 12 AM was the E.T.A. We actually were in the wrong airfield (Guayaquil) until 1AM Tuesday. Since our trip was short to begin with we decided to skip the 3-4 hour drive to Amber's in Banos and stay in Quito. Tuesday we went to Mindo and did the zipline and the day ended with a really cool walk through a tree house "hotel", and an orchid farm. Wednesday Marion, Aidan and I went to houses and farms built in a volcano, the equator, and the Market. The others (Jon, Lin, Amber and Andrew) took the teleferico above Quito and went horseback riding. Thursday we went to the market and Marion and I went on the teleferico. It was pretty high and you could not catch your breath. Interspersed were swimming, massages, the pastry shop, and spanish t.v. Oh we ended up staying at the J.W. Marriott in Quito. Thanks to Lin's dad who got us an awesome discount. I'm sure I am forgetting something!

Brother ziplining...

We saw some beautiful Orchids. The one below is called zapatitos. Can you see why? They were the size of a thumb and tiny little frogs could crawl in and get a drink. There were no frogs in this one (I checked).

Mitad del Mundo!

Lunch at Yanuna's in Quito. The soup (Locro de Papa) is one of Ecuador's Dishes. It is soo good!

Marion and I above Quito. The views were amazing and we were lucky we got to see it before the clouds rolled in. We were 4,100 meters high (the sign reminds you not to run, I could barely walk)!

Our last dinner at Rondo's. Everyone had a delicious dinner. Mine was pork and llapingachos, aguacate, hominy and salsa.


Ambie T. said...

Awesome. Have you seen the enormous iguanas? Ed says they have the best crab, also. You are so brave and FUN!

Lizzardo said...

I'm so glad you got to go!! It looks like it was well worth getting over your germ issues. BTW, beautiful pictures.

Meg said...

Ooooh your trip looks like it was fabulous! That soup looks yummy - have you tried to make it yet? What an adventure :)