Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Food Lit Junkie

I have, within the last year, been obsessed with reading about food. I just found out the name of the genre and I was super psyched. I thought I would post a few of the books I can remember reading. Here they are in no particular order: Heat; The Omnivore's Dilema; Eat, Pray, Love; Trail of Crumbs; Garlic and Sapphires; Tender at the Bone; Comfort Me with Apples; United States of Arugula; Waiting; and Julie and Julia. I'm sure there are some I am forgetting. To answer your question: No, I don't get hungry reading about food.


Lizzardo said...

Looks Yummy. I like your picture!

Ambie T. said...

My mouth is watering! We love seafood but have never been back east to have any famed "Fresh Maine Lobster". For now we will have to settle for "from your groger's freezer"! Have a great Thanksgiving. Tell Jeff hi and smack his thigh for me!

Brigham City Carnegie Library said...

Sarah - where are you? Do you have an address yet? Your buddies at the Brigham City Library want to know what is up with you!