Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wanted Baby

Benji had his picture taken for his passport. These were the rejects. I think they look like little mug shots. The crime- for being a future heartbreaker.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem...

A problem with peanuts that is. I am soo pissed. Benji needs the fat from the peanut butter and obviously won't be getting it now. Don't worry I took this picture after the benadryl and a bath were administered. He was actually in fine spirits and wanted to play. It just about gave me (and Auntie Lin who received the "help" phone call) a heart attack. Lets look at some other pics to lighten the mood. Shall we?
Dressed up for V-day!

He shakes his head "no" when we ask if he wants to get out of the tub.

We still have birthday balloons left! I will be posting some pics of his party when I get them from a friend. Apparently, J and I are terrible parents and only took 2 pictures of the whole party! We'll let that be a lesson for next year. Hire a grandparent to be in charge of the camera.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Benji!

Our day started off with me waking up Buddy. Which never happens. He also slept later that he ever has. A good day for me too!

Benji had a pierogi, a chicken finger, some broccoli and a mozzarella bite. He wasn't really eating so I squirted some ketchup on his plate. That got his appetite going and he ate it all! Since we haven't been feeling well, I got a fabulous little cake from Wegman's (love the ultimate white cake!) to make up for my lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen. He sat and picked off all of the frosting and left the cake. A boy after mommy's heart!
Birthday cake hat!

He shoots! He scores!