Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Eternal Flame (not the song)

We have a cool park south of us that is home to The Eternal Flame. Uncle Brother, Benji and I went to check it out. Here is a peek:

See the flame below in the middle. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be but still cool.
It ended up being safer to get my feet wet than to try and keep them dry. Next time I will wear my hiking boots (and Jeffrey can wear the baby).

Sarah Got Her Groove Back and Buddy Got a Haircut

Before...After...Benji went to his first birthday party. It was a 1st birthday party for our friend and I made him this hat. I have this theory that we can dress our children in what makes us happy until they decide what they want to wear (within reason!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

8 Months Part Deux!

(almost crawling...not ready for that!)

Benji has two teeth now! He loves to get around by scooting on his back, rolling and army crawling. He also likes to spin on his belly. Another favorite pastime is talking on the phone to grandpa. He has perfected a "hi" sound! He also loves Ginger and for some reason she is so hilarious to him (even on her bed sleeping). You should see the things we have to do to make him laugh.

8 Months!

I wanted to be ready to go and post this in a timely manner (unlike last month). I thought, why not while buddy is sleeping? Then I remembered I hadn't taken any official pictures BEFORE the nap. But I continued to log on and thought a post is better than no post. Right? I remember the days when my every move was planned out before I got out of bed from my clothes to the meals, cleaning , exercise etc. Now I get out of bed by my official alarm and ask him what will be happening. I kind of like it! Here's a cute video: