Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Things!

B tried out a foam party for the first time.  He was super unsure about it at first but then got right in.
Sad Face :(
 Happy Face :)
 I finally cut it ALL off!  14 inches for donation and a couple of inches on the floor :)
 J competed and completed in his first tri.  I think he got bit by the tri bug!
 We went and tried out a new restaurant, and 10 new beers!
 We had an awesome Sushi making party with Brother and C.  B got to make the first roll.  It was his first time trying sushi and he liked it!

My Built-in Cabinets!

Here is the before shot of my living room.  It's not bad but I envisioned more storage and better use of space.  Thank goodness for pinterest and all it's inspiration!
 Here is two during shots....
 and messes!
 The left side, under the TV, consist of drawers.  One side for dvd's and one side for cd's.  J put a lot of thought into measuring and calculating the best way to contain the two items.  He did an amazing job!  I think most of his time was spent on the planning.  I am so thankful that he took the time to do it right!
 The right side, under our fancy new fish tank, is shelves.  It was absolutely necessary that three plastic bins in there stack on top of each other, so that's how we divided up the spaces from there.
I was put in  charge of the bench cushion.  As you can see I hired out the work!  I used a drop cloth from the hardware store.  Some of it was used for the back part of the bench and I kept it the natural color.  The rest of the fabric I dyed using scarlet RIT dye.  I had just enough fabric with none to spare.  How's that for measuring and planning?! Just kidding it was mostly luck!

The cabinets in the middle house all of our games.  B seems to really like having quick access to his games and craft supplies.  I like having my music organized and easy to get to and play.

Here is a close-up of the side of the bench.  This was probably where we got the most stumped.  It was just wood but looked unfinished after it was painted. I got the idea when J was leaning against it and I thought about how uncomfortable it must be.  We took a piece of wood, some batting and stapled the fabric to the back.  The "tufting" it how we screwed it into the cabinet.  I covered buttons in coordinating fabric to my pillows, and added velcro to the back.  That way there is easy access if we ever want to drop another $20 bucks on drop cloth to re-cover.  
 One more note, the tops (and shelves on the right side) are made from the same cherry trees that were cut down on our property.  Just makes it extra special!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

April 2013

 Brother moved away, so we tried to eek out every last minute with him.  Lunches and going away parties.  We miss him dearly.  At least we know where to find him.
 B plays with Legos every.single.day.  Here is a "hat shop" that he made one day.  I kinda like it!
 J has been working on our built-ins.  I'll share pictures of the final product soon.  He is almost done!
J took a much needed break on a cruise to Bermuda with a very dear friend.  They had a blast.  I was only a little jealous, because you will never find me on a boat.  I'd be sick the whole time.

 While he was away... I painted our side entrance, and love it!  There are glaring things that need to be refreshed on the porch, even more so now.  J ordered a a new truck and waited 2 months for it to come in.  While he was away we got the call that it was in.  So naturally we went to visit it and took pictures to tease him... 
(if you're wondering, it looks exactly like his old truck...just a couple years younger)

 My friend A and I decided to run a race every month for the next 9 months.  Here is the first one, a nice little 5k.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Photog

We let B use our camera (shockproof and waterproof) one night.  There were a lot of toy pictures and a few candid pics that I really liked.   
 There were about 8 of these selfies.  They made me laugh!